Why do we spread manure?

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You may wonder what happens around the farm when irrigation slows down, fertigation is done and all of the old crop has been delivered. Recently we have been busy delivering manure from feedlots to various fields that we farm.

Lux Brother’s spreading manure

An attractive benefit of spreading manure on our fields is the fact that we get higher nutrient content at a fraction of the cost of commercial fertilizer. Another benefit we gain from manure is additional organic matter. We like this technique for our lighter ground especially (sandy soil).

Lux Brother’s equipment hauling in manure

One of the main expenses for manure application is the freight. Like we mentioned in a previous post we haul corn to the feedlots near us and in return have access to manure, which has cultivated a very good local working relationship. Having these feedlots in our back yard help keep freight cost down. We have a reliable and efficient business friend, Lux Brothers from Hubbard, Ne, that helps us with our hauling and spreading. One reason why we choose to do business with them is because all of their equipment is on tracks (see picture below) which means less compaction and no ruts left in the field this allows us to spread without tilling and helps promote our no- till operation

Lux Brother’s equipment

Hauling manure takes place in the summer because the feed yards are not frozen and the manure is dry. Lux Brothers will come back in the fall to spread the manure when the crop is out of the field to allow break down and prevent compaction before the spring. 

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